Saturday, September 24, 2016

Dreams Change

The other day I looked at the Dream List that I created when I first started this blog. Wow, have I ever changed since that day.
Close to half of the items on that list, I had no desire to accomplish anymore. So I did an upgrade.

I think it is important to have an idea, a dream of what I want to do with my life; what I hope to accomplish, even if it may seem unreachable. To me, my dream list is 'goals'. I don't want to just write this list, and then wait to see if it will happen. I want to take action and do what I can to make these dreams come true. Sometimes that action will simply be a prayer heavenward. I believe that God cares about even our littlest desires, and He listens when we tell Him what we want out of life. It may not turn out exactly the way I "dream" it will, and the things that I hope for may change as I grow closer to God's heart, and change as a person. But I know that God will, in His own way, cause my dreams to come true. Key phrase "In His own way", which is always way better than what I could ever have imagined.

Delight yourself also in the Lord,
and He shall give you the desires of your heart.
Psalms 37:4

"Delight yourself also in the Lord". Once I have found full 'delight' in the Lord, the things that I desire, will be the things that He desires for me.

So here it is.  My dreams.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

*WARNING* Selfies Ahead. (a random-catch-up post)

I left ya hanging at summertime and camping. That wasn't very nice of me was it!
Now that life has settled down into a routine, I *hope* to blog twice a week. No, let me rephrase that... I *need* to blog twice a week. I need to be "motivated" to take more pictures. And write more. And ya. Here is to being better at this blogging thing.

I have been writing more over at my other blog "Awakening My Heart". Well, more as in... I have been consistent for about a week. :) Check it out if you so desire. 

Ok. Let the random-selfie-ness begin.

So, first of all. How's about some more happy summer memories?
We hung out with this sweet gal and her family A. lot. this summer. Which was great, because they are great. 

We also got some good, quality sister time in. You know, the shopping, the eating, the chilling. Girl stuff. :)

Closer towards harvest time, the busy began. I didn't do a whole lot of canning this year, because most of it happened when I was in the field. But when I did... I took a selfie. ;)

Speaking of the approaching harvest. While Dad was resting up from pulling an all-nighter swathing fields, Ker and I took some of the kids to the "Harvest Festival". We split up to go on rides, and this fiery girl wanted to go on all the scary rides.
I obliged.
We took a selfie on the one that I could open my eyes on. ;)

For the first time, we experienced the traditional festival fireworks from inside the "Taco in a Bag" booth. Our church sets up this booth every year, and this was the first time that Ker and I were able to help out. It was much fun!

Of course, we had to look cute while doing it! ;)

Speaking of church, Ker and I have just become more involved in helping lead worship on Sundays. My bros are also involved in setting up the sound equipment eeeearly Sunday mornings, so I get to put my feet up before practice starts. And take a selfie. Of my feet. Because, like... what else would I do???

Speaking of Sundays, I don't think I have enjoyed these days of rest as much as I have this harvest season. I even took a nap once. If you know me well, you know what a miracle that is. ;)

Speaking of resting. Rainy days are taken very seriously during harvest. We are very serious about doing absolutely nothing.

Aaaand harvest.
Hardly a day went by that I didn't have a sibling, or neice/nephew along for a ride on the grain cart. They kept me happy, and kept me taking selfies.

I have nooooo idea what this picture is about...

You haven't experienced a sunset until you have experienced a harvest sunset...

A boy after my own heart....

I made the mistake of letting Jaden play with my ipod. I only have about a million of these types of pictures to sort through...

He did manage to get a picture of your's truly climbing a bin though...

This. Girl. I missed her so much during harvest! We basically didn't see each other, because I was hardly home. She worked every bit as hard as the "field folk", making meals, chasing children, and keeping the house from falling apart.
Of course when we were together, we had to grab a quick selfie...

There was this one time, that our combine broke down, so I had time to braid her hair...

At 1:00 in the morning, saving grace comes in the form of a doughnut. 

Nearing the end, rain was in the forecast. So we worked extra long hours in attempt to get er' done.

Then... just like that, we were done.

We were finally able to get caught up on cuddles and stuff.

After about a week of just breathing, it was time to break out the school books. We spent a couple of days making school schedules, and re-organizing our life. I was SO glad to be getting back into a routine. I can only take summer spontaneity for so long. 

Oh, look! We are all caught up to today.
Today was a good day. Beginning bright and early, I wore boots with heels for the first time, got to worship my heart out with the church family, absorbed an amazing sermon, hugged the people I love dearly, ate pizza and icecream, and relaxed the afternoon away.

Wow. That, was probably the longest, and most random blog post I have ever done. If you have made it this far, I like you. ;) Have an amazing Sunday evening everyone!!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Camping trip/The Third

You might be tired of blog post about our camping trips, but for memories sake, I post away. :)
A couple of weeks ago, we went on our last camping trip with the fam. This time, the sun shined, and we soaked it in. I think knowing that this was our last summer camping trip made us enjoy it even more... if that is possible.

We did more than just lying on the beach, but when we were swimming, I was in there with everyone... so, no pictures of that action!
Also not pictured are the many walks/bike rides that we went on, and the games of tennis that we played.

Of course, as with every camping trip, we ate good!

One my highlights from this trip, was the boat outing with these three. We did a few water sports, then just parked the boat in the middle of the lake, swam, played "King of the tube", and just chilled.

Brooke went knee boarding for the first time! She loved it!

On the third day, we noticed the storm clouds rolling in, and saw from looking at Radar, that it was going to be a bad one.
So, we went out to eat, then headed to our Grandparent's house to wait out the storm.
We have been in our camper during a bad storm before, and we didn't want to go through that again!

Turned out to be the worst storm the town had seen in fifty years. Thankfully, our campers were on the edge of it, so they stayed upright... though Josh and Becca's camper moved back about a foot.
The next day we helped out some friends and Henry and Megan with clean up.
Go to Megan's blog post to watch a video from that day.

That's it!
Until next year...